White Marble Phonecase

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

I’ve always loved the look of marble, and it’s one of the things I envision to have in my home when I get to that stage. In the meantime, I’ll settle with a marble phonecase. Now I’m pretty picky with my phonecases as I like to have both a pretty/fashionable one and one that is sturdy enough as well (not to mention nice on my wallet). Unfortunately it’s often hard to come across a phonecase that checks off all 3 requirements of mine.

However, that is no longer the case! (pun not intended). I was scrolling through Amazon and stumbled across this white marble case by Akna. After doing extensive research and looking at the other products they had, I decided to order one. Boy am I glad I did. This case checks off all three of my requirements.

  1. it’s pretty. of course it is! When is white marble not pretty??
  2. it’s study. When it came in the mail I was skeptical, but once I opened the package, I was sold. It’s not flimsy. It’s made of hard silicone (which I like better than hard cases, but that’s just my personal opinion) and its extremely good quality. The white marble design stretches to the side (which is a problem I’ve had with the other ones on the market, where the sides would be just a transparent case which was flimsy, and tldr; crap. All the buttons for the power/volume are covered with a thick layer which would absorb the shock. After I put the case on, I actually needed to take it off just to take a picture of it, and lemme tell you that thing is hard to take off. That’s always a sign of a study case 🙂
  3. it was amazing value. $15 CAD for this case!! It was great

I highly recommend this case 10/10. If you want more details or are interested in ordering one, you can head onto Amazon and just type in “Akna phone case” in the search bar, I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed! Happy shopping everyone!


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