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Foreo Luna Mini


I’m blessed to have incredibly friends in my life who really understand me and remember things I say. I was fortunate to recieve a Foreo Luna Mini this year for Christmas from my friend and I was quite shocked. This goes back to when the Clarisonic first came out because I had really wanted a facial brush then as I felt washcloths were too harsh on my sensitive skin. Unfortunately after watching reviews, doing research on the Clarisonic and asking my dermatologist about whether or not it was suitable for my skin, I ultimately decided not to purchase it (also the fact that it was expensive when it first came out). Over the years I continued to watch the Clarisonic but still felt that the brush would be too harsh for me.

Then came the Foreo Luna. I dub it the Clarisonic for sensitive skin because that’s what I truly believed. I was already using a silicone scrubby brush but manually washing your face is never quite as effective as sonic pulses! The Foreo Luna honestly seemed like the answer for my skin. But due to the price tag, I never got it — I’m super happy and blessed that my friend decided to surprise me with this for Christmas since she knows how long I’ve been looking at it (which is over 2 years LOL).

I’ve been using this and alternating it with a konjac sponge (more of that to come in another post) and I honestly think it does wonders. I’m able to thoroughly wash my face of all the dirt that’s clogged my pores from classes in Toronto and the long commute back home to the GTA. My skin actually feels clean and refreshed. Not to mention I actually enjoy washing my face now since I’m literally giving myself a facial massage, and honestly, who can say no to that? There is a timer so it pulses in a different way, letting you know when it’s time to move onto another spot on your face. It’s great and I love the top part of it as I can get into the stubborn area around my nose.

This feels like New Year, New Me with glowy skin 🙂

I wish I had splurged on this for myself earlier because it feels great and it actually works! 10/10 would recommend!


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