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Poke Guys

Sushi seems to have blown up in #trendingfoods in Toronto this summer. From Sushi Burritos to Poke Bowls, new stores have popped up around Discovery District and the Downtown Core. Poke Guys is a new store that focuses on, well, Poke. It probably looks classier to eat than in rolled form (i guess?). It is a clean and modern looking place that offers four of their signature bowls, and gives the option to create your own bowl as well.

I love sushi and Japanese food and honestly I can’t tell if I like poke bowls, sushi burritos or normal sushi better. I personally feel like this poke bowl had too much rice in comparison to poke, but I feel that with sushi too…..

I would, and have come again to Poke Guys as I sometimes just crave some poke but also want other toppings that wouldn’t traditionally be in maki or sushi, or rolled up into a burrito.

There’s quite a number of poke and sushi places in Toronto now and I have yet to try another place. But so far, this place hasnt deterred me from trying more poke so I think that’s not too bad!



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