SK II Essence DUPE?!?!


If you’re into skincare like me then you’ve probably heard of the coveted SK II Essence which is supposed to be HG and improve your skin and just make you look /flawless/. Unfortunately, /flawless/ comes with a steep price. I’ve seen it go for $230 CAD or something crazy like that! It’s insane, but I was overjoyed when I heard there was a cheaper korean dupe to this, and by a well known korean brand too. Since SK II has patented it’s prized ingredient that brings all these good nutrients to your skin, Missha (the korean company with the dupe) obviously can’t use the same ingredient. However, what it can do is use something from the same family, giving similar results but at a much more wallet friendly cost.

Missha Time Revolution Essence is supposed to be SK II’s dupe. Why Time Revolution? Well because this product is supposed so antiaging that it brings back some time into your skin. Does that make sense? It’s still made with a fermented ingredient similar to SK II’s patented one. I wasn’t heading to Pacific Mall anytime soon (which is pretty much the place where there’s a Missha store thats selling this in GTA fyi) so I found it on Amazon and ordered it there.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

First, lemme talk about the packaging. I was not expecting such nice packaging tbh. It came in a fancy silver box that reflected light at various angles. It was also quite heavy. Like, the bottle was made of out glass, with a tiny little hole at the top for you to pour several drops into your hand and pat it onto your face and neck. The bottle was frosted and really expensive looking, quite like the SK II one actually. When I was applying it to my face — right away I noticed the fermented smell, which I personally don’t mind. It felt nice on my skin and prepared it before I applied my moisturizer and eye cream.

I’ve been using it for a month now and I believe I actually do see results. I remember the morning after, I immediately noticed results. My little bumps on my forehead were smaller and overall my skin was just smoother. I have to say I think it’s also played a role in reducing my redness. Plus, I started using this before I got my Foreo Luna, so I know it’s doing something good. It feels like nothing when you apply it, but the benefits are unbelievable. I’m definitely going to buy another bottle after this runs out!


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