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My Nightime Skincare Routine

I’d like to share my nighttime routine, perhaps someone would find it interesting.


So usually I use Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser (not pictured) along with my Foreo Luna Mini to cleanse and give myself a facial massage. I should mention that prior to this, I will first wipe my face clean of any makeup/first layer of dirt with Bioderma. I love Bioderma because it cleans everything off, and doesn’t irritate me at all. I have repurchased this, and definitely see myself continuing to do so in the future. It’s just part of my “double cleansing” that asians seem to love to do.

After that, I follow up by patting a small amount of the Missha Time Revolution Essence on my skin to hydrate it before applying moisturizer. I have mentioned this product in a previous post as a dupe to the famously expensive SK II essence which I just can not see myself buying it because its so expensive. The Missha one works very well, so why pay more?

Next, I use the Kiehl’s Avocado eye cream to hydrate the area under my eyes. I used to not be an eye cream believer, but now, when I forget to use it, I can immediately feel a difference. A little goes a long way with this cream too!

The moisturizer I’ve been loving recently is the Philosophy Hope in a Jar. I recieved a deluxe sample in a Sephora order and I fell in love. I was on the Kiehl’s daily moisturizer before but it wasn’t hydrating the area around my chin and nose properly. I’d get the ugly dry patches, and I hate putting my prescription Hyderm/Betaderm on such a thin and delicate area. Hope in a Jar successfully hydrated my entire face, without my face feeling greasy, which is something I found that I felt with the Kiehl’s one. I also felt that this absorbed into my skin a lot better, and quicker too.

Finally, I top everything off by patting on some drops of Midnight Recovery by Kiehl’s. I really love the scent of this and it helps me get into the bedtime mood.

I realize that these products are partially for anti-aging and I’m still relatively young, but I think it’s okay to start now. Especially since my skin is sensitive, if these products don’t irritate me, then I don’t see a problem with using them and going through preventative measures earlier on right? 🙂



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