Battle of the Hyped Concealers

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Influencers and avid reviewers have all claimed that the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (RCC), Collection Lasting Perfection, and the Tarte Shape Tape are HG concealers. Being in Canada, only the RCC was steadily available to me through Sephora and your girl here did not want to pay for the expensive shipping costs to get Tarte and Collection over here. Thanks to a lovely bff, I finally was able to get my hands on these concealers and I think I’ve been testing them for enough time to give you a breakdown:

Nars RCC:

I initially got this in the winter time, when there were dry af winds and my ezcema prone skin was acting up again. The RCC, true to its claims, is the creamiest out of all three of the concealers. Nars has always had a pretty good color spectrum for foundations and concealers so it wasn’t too difficult to find a match. Plus, they’ve recently come out with additional shades too! I use the shade Vanilla, which is light. This is a pretty good match for me since I just need it to brighten up my dark eye bags from late night studying and long commutes to class. This stays put all day and doesn’t cake on me. If it weren’t for the hefty price tag I’d definitely keep buying. As I’ve come closer to using up the remaining bit of my tube, I’ve noticed that it’s harder and harder to get product out due to the small sponge tip. I’ve seen many people mention that a makeup spatula will do the trick to scoop the precious remaining RCC out.

Collection Lasting Perfection:

Collection Lasting Perfection may be known to fans of Zoella and Tanya Burr as their HG “high street” (as they call it in the UK) brands that are great. Time after time, this concealer is the one they can go back to — and I can see why. This concealer is incredibly high coverage and it works, at a fraction of the price of RCC and Tarte’s Shapetape. For people with drier skin though, beware because I’ve found this can look cakier under the eyes (especially in winter months). I usually use this more in the summer time when my skin is oilier in order to combat the dry patches it can pick up on my skin in the winter. For combo/oilier individuals, you’d probably be able to use this year round. I’m not sure about the range in shades as I did not go and swatch them myself. The shade I have is in Fair 1 (I think) but realistically I think I could do a shade or two darker. My friend just thought I was paler LOL. I do use this when my dark circles are especially dark, just to combat the purple. Layering on a second layer did not work well for me in the winter, but I have yet to try that in the warmer months.

Tarte Shape Tape:

Maaaan this was super hyped from the moment it was out. Nars RCC is one of those classic HG concealers that no one is surprised by, but ST is a baby in comparison. This concealer is drier than RCC but I still found it good. It’s thinner than RCC but slightly thicker than CLP. It’s easy to blend and I can really see why it’s hyped, it deserves to be! An added plus I have with this product is that it’s more bang for buck vs RCC. The sponge tip is HUGE though, reminds me of the drugstore Age Rewind concealer (which I didn’t like). I feel that a little goes a long way with this concealer, it seems more pigmented than the RCC. I’m not sure how this will look on my skin in the winter as I only recently got this one, but I’m interested to see. You need to work quite quickly with this concealer as I’ve found that it tends to set faster than the others.

At the end of the day, I’ve found reasons to love each concealer and they all definitely deserved to be hyped.

RCC is creamier out of the 3. ST is more pigmented but sets quickly (cheaper than RCC). CLP is a great dupe for both higher end concealers if you’re on a budget (and…can get it from UK/Boots).


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